January Registered Classes

Happy 2015 to you all! We have some exciting registered classes happening in January:

YOGA FOR STIFF WARRIORS (Men) with Travis Smith (sign up before Jan. 5 and get 10% off!)

MINDFULNESS WORKS! with Kerry and Howard Parsons

POSTNATAL with Kirsten Wallace

PRENATAL with Kirsten Wallace


  • Kundalini and the Chakras Workshop

    Kundalini is an integral part of our being. It is the constant energy (prana) stream that runs up and down our spine from the pelvis to the crown. Chakras are the power stations that transform the kundalini into specific energy to operate our personalities. The amount of prana that we can generate and retain in our own selves depends on how we choose to live our lives. Learn how to deepen your awareness and access your own internal energy stream as well as the universal Kundalini:

    Kundalini and the Chakras with Pandit Dabral - Nov. 22 1:30-4:30 pm

    Workshops Next Weekend!

    Workshop Alert!!

    Raw Chocolate Making with Ruth Martin
    Saturday, Nov. 15 from 2-4pm
    Join Ruth as she shows you how simple and delicious it is to make your own raw chocolate. This is an excellent gift idea that you can create yourself for anyone on your gift list! She even lets us sample...YUM!