• Kids Summer Yoga "Camp"!!

    Kid’s Yoga Day Camp (ages 5-11)
    Here is a great opportunity for your more reserved child to try new things, be active, make some new friends and have tons of fun too. At the kid’s yoga day camp students will do yoga poses, play games, do dances, crafts and other fun activities. In a small group setting, Julie Mah will help students develop more self-confidence and feel proud of their bodies and their talents through cooperative and individual activities.

    Please bring a healthy snack for your children to consume during the session each day.

  • Mantra and Kirtan!

    Come and add your voice to the vibration of potent Mantras and Kirtan with Naad Maala and guest musicians and singers for a divine evening of Kirtan and Mantra chanting.
    Join us and raise the energy by losing yourself in the sound of the chanting. Like so many have experienced, bathe in the palpable healing effects of the chanting. Through loving, joyful, and focused concentration on the sound of mantras that are potent seeds of divine sound, we set into motion the growth of trees of true compassion and wholeness within us and our surroundings.