Corporate Yoga Classes

If you have grown tired of the standard "happy hours", "pizza parties" or "Hawaiian" t-shirt days, and are looking for a unique event to build team morale (...and get your staff out of their office chairs ), a corporate yoga program may be right for you !

We have found that corporate yoga classes are a great way for employees to relax and unwind, to get to know each other with a sense of community and camaraderie, re-energize their productivity and mental focus, as well as improve their overall health in a fun and enjoyable way.

For these reasons and many more, Calgary's Yoga Studio Sarana is happy to work with business owners and corporate group leaders, to design a yoga program that meets your employees’ needs, at very affordable rates.

How our Corporate Programs work:

* Employees come together, as a group of any size (...depending on your space availability, of course !);
* Classes can be offered in the morning, at lunch hour, after work, or any other time of day that works for your office;
* All of our classes are “All Levels” classes, which mean they are Great for all ages, fitness levels and body types;
* Length of classes generally range from 45 min to 90 min;
* Corporate Programs generally range from 8 to 12 weeks; although...
* One time classes for special events, conferences, etc. can also be booked;
* and Yoga mats and equipment can also be arranged !

All sessions are taught by quality, certified instructors, with a strong emphasis on structure and alignment, safe and effective movement, injury prevention, and obtaining maximum benefit from the techniques and exercises.

For more information on this unique learning opportunity or to book an appointment, please call (403) 228-5808 or email us at