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    *Transition *Yoga Community Hike *New Classes *Registered Classes *Upcoming Workshops *Chocolate Lovers Card *Kirtan!
    September = Transition

    September can be a challenging month.  School is back in session, summer holidays are over, the weather is starting to change, etc.  Maintaining balance can be very helpful during this time of change.  Consistent practice will help to focus and ground each of us.  

    To help support this period of transition, we're offering 
    10% off ALL PASSES 
    (with the exception of already discounted offers) 
    for the entire month of September. 
    Plus, we've also added some new classes (see below)!

    We'd also like to share an article titled "How to use Yoga to Transition into Fall" by Sondra Matara from DoYouYoga.comIt too provides some helpful suggestions to balance and ground during the month of September.

    September Long Weekend Schedule
    We are running regular scheduled classes on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the long weekend. 
    Monday we are running only one class: All Levels with Vic from 10:30am-noon.
    Full details HERE.
    You are invited to our Yoga Community Hike!

    Keith Bagnall, one of the many avid hikers within our Yoga community, will be leading a moderately easy hike in Kananaskis Country on September 17.  

    This small area 1.3 km south of Highwood Pass on Highway 40 provides a beautiful place to wander among larch trees and flowered glades. Three unofficial trails offer routes to explore separate smaller cirques. The trails can be joined for a circuit of the larger cirque. Sturdy hiking boots or shoes are recommended. Bring hiking poles, if this is your preference. You will be responsible for your own lunch and water / beverages. Bear spray, bangers or horns provide a measure of safety if you have them to bring.

    Meet 8:30am on Saturday, September 17 at the Montgomery Community Centre where car- pools will be arranged.

    For pictures and more description of Arethusa Cirque check the Geoks website HERE

    New Drop-In Classes!

    Rise 'n Shine with Rosemary
    Monday/Thursday 7:30-8:30am
    Tuesday 7:30-8:30 am (*starts Sept. 13)
    Wednesday 6:15-7:30am (*starts Sept. 14)

    Flow with Lee
    Sunday 1-2:15pm

    Qigong with Mario
    Tuesday 7:15-8:15pm
    Wednesday 12-1:00pm 

    Yang & Yin with Adonia
    Tuesday 4:15-5:30pm
    *starts Sept. 6*

    Work Hard, Rest Deeply Yoga with Martha
    Friday 5-6:30pm
    *starts Sept. 16*

    Registered Classes!

    Post-Natal Yoga with Kirsten
    Monday 11:30am-12:45pm
    *starts Sept. 12*

    Beginner Iyengar Yoga for the Voluptuous with Colette
    Monday 5-6:15pm
    *starts Sept. 12*

    Yoga for Pregnancy with Kirsten
    Monday 7:30-9pm
    *starts Sept. 12* 

    Little Yogis / Big Yogis
    Enjoy a class while your child enjoys a class! 
    Tuesday 4:15-5pm
    *starts Sept. 13*

    For descriptions and prices, please view our full schedule HERE.

    Reiki Share
    Saturday, September 17
    All levels are welcome.
    An occasion for beginners, intermediates as well as Masters to practice Reiki and experience different people's energy to gain more confidence in their skills.  It is also an opportunity for the neophytes to experience Reiki, perhaps for the first time.  Multiple hands energy work sessions. $10.00

    Intro to Yoga
    with Lynne Swenson
    Sunday, September 18
    Is the idea of being in a yoga class intimidating? If you are looking for a more gradual, in-depth introduction to Yoga with similar newcomers, then our Intro to Yoga workshop may be just what you need. This two-hour, registered event is perfect for people new to the practice of yoga. Topics include basic alignment, the use of props and why Yoga is ideally suited to people of all ages and abilities. After taking this workshop you will be confident to take Level 1 classes. This workshop runs monthly. 

    Bonus: if you sign up for a 10 times pass at the end of the workshop you will get 50% off OR purchase our 4 weeks unlimited session for $45! 
    *only on that day and for new students only

    Laugh, Learn and Deepen Your Yoga Practice!
    A weekend workshop with Ty Chandler
    October 28 - 30
    Friday: 6:30-8:30pm
    Saturday/Sunday: 1-5PM

    Join Ty for a fabulous weekend workshop of asana and pranayama. Ty Chandler is one of Victoria's most sought-after Iyengar Yoga teachers for her strong, precise teaching and her warm, encouraging style. She blends physically demanding asana work with clear verbal instruction, yet allows her students to stay connected to their own experience. Ty teaches internationally in Costa Rica, Hong Kong and Singapore and in her home city of Victoria.
    *Suggested experience: One year of Iyengar Yoga and the ability to hold headstand and shoulderstand for three minutes.


    Register for our workshops, events, and classes 

    Do you LOVE Ruth's handmade chocolate?

    Are you tired of fumbling for change after class for a sweet treat?

    We understand...and we're here for you.


    Introducing the CHOCOLATE LOVER'S CARD!

    A punch card you can pre-purchase so you can get your fix FAST.


    Buy 10, get the 11th FREE!

    Great gift!

    Questions? Ask us at the studio!


    Kirtan with Naad Maala occurs monthly at our location.
    *Please see our website for next session dates.
     What is Kirtan?

    Kirtan is an ecstatic devotional chanting practice to concentrate the mind on feelings of devotion. Chanting works at breaking the shell of the ego and expanding the heart and consciousness. Many great souls have reached Self realization just through this practise. Now it has become diverse and cross-cultural and also incorporates mantra. The instrumentation has evolved from drums and finger cymbals (karatal) and later harmoniums to guitar and Western and world instruments. A lot of the power of kirtan can be attributed to the repetition - the mind gets more and more concentrated with each repetition and creates an intensity of deep devotion. One pointed concentration is the goal of all yogic practices. Concentration or Dharana leads to meditation or Dhyana which leads to Samadhi (state where there is no subject or object, one is not aware that one is meditating - even the witness disappears). Although kirtan enhances an uplifting and wonderful sense of community, it has a deeper and more important personal value - that of stilling the mind of it's chatter and discursive thought and tapping the primal wellspring of intense and causeless Love within each one allowing healing on all levels - physical, mental and causal.

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