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    *YSS Changes *August Summer Sizzler *Yogathon *Raw Chocolate Workshop *Chocolate Lovers Card *Kirtan!

    We would like to welcome two new members into our yoga community, Glenna Jones and Michael Sherman.  We are honoured to have Glenna and Michael as our new Yoga Studio South partners.  They will be mainly focusing on the business/marketing side to continue Yoga Studio South's growth.  Ruth and Vic will still be taking care of the day-to-day interactions, teaching and studio.
    Meet Michael...
    Michael brings a broad base of business experience to Yoga Studio South, with 30 years of industry leadership in embroidery, digitizing, screen-printing, direct to garment and large format printing. Michael has both a local and international presence; working with some of North America's largest apparel companies' and has been involved with every aspect of the custom garment business; including design, sales, marketing and operations optimization.  Michael has been doing Yoga as a supplement to other sports and met Vic Mehta when his daughter took private yoga classes to help with a back issue.
    Meet Glenna...
    Glenna is a professional engineer with 25 years of experience. She has a unique creative side and has been doing graphic design and custom apparel for many years for family and friends. She has a particular interest in processes and business optimization as well as being a zealous advocate for providing the best customer experience via personalized service and the highest quality products. Glenna has been doing yoga consistently for about five years, starting her journey to alleviate stress and maintain flexibility.
    Stay tuned for exciting updates as these two incorporate their creative business ideas into Yoga Studio South.  Let the journey begin!
    Our annual Summer Sizzler Pass is still available!
    August 1 - September 5
    Unlimited classes ALL SUMMER

    Purchase online HERE
    *not applicable for workshops or registered classes
    When: August 20 from 10:30am-noon
    Where: 100 Stephen Avenue, Calgary

    We are once again participating in the Calgary Yogathon as the Yoga Studio South team.  We want YOU to join us!  Join our team HERE.
    Find out more about Yogathon and this special cause HERE.

    Raw Chocolate Making
    with Ruth Martin
    Sunday, August 21
    Join Ruth in a fun and informative workshop about how to make your own healthy and delicious raw chocolate! Learn about the extensive health benefits of everyone's favorite food.
    In this 2-hour workshop, Ruth will teach us how to make scrumptious raw chocolate bars and raw chocolate treats...and bring your chocolate-loving appetite; we will be preparing and tasting the treats we make!
    $45.00 for Yoga studio South Students
    $55.00 for non-members

    Register for our workshops, events, and classes HERE

    Do you LOVE Ruth's handmade chocolate?

    Are you tired of fumbling for change after class for a sweet treat?

    We understand...and we're here for you.


    Introducing the CHOCOLATE LOVER'S CARD!

    A punch card you can pre-purchase so you can get your fix FAST.



    Buy 10, get the 11th FREE!

    Great gift!

    Questions? Ask us at the studio!


    Join us for our next Kirtan session on August 20 from 7-9pm
    with Naad Maala and guests.

     What is Kirtan?

    Kirtan is an ecstatic devotional chanting practice to concentrate the mind on feelings of devotion. Chanting works at breaking the shell of the ego and expanding the heart and consciousness. Many great souls have reached Self realization just through this practise. Now it has become diverse and cross-cultural and also incorporates mantra. The instrumentation has evolved from drums and finger cymbals (karatal) and later harmoniums to guitar and Western and world instruments. A lot of the power of kirtan can be attributed to the repetition - the mind gets more and more concentrated with each repetition and creates an intensity of deep devotion. One pointed concentration is the goal of all yogic practices. Concentration or Dharana leads to meditation or Dhyana which leads to Samadhi (state where there is no subject or object, one is not aware that one is meditating - even the witness disappears). Although kirtan enhances an uplifting and wonderful sense of community, it has a deeper and more important personal value - that of stilling the mind of it's chatter and discursive thought and tapping the primal wellspring of intense and causeless Love within each one allowing healing on all levels - physical, mental and causal.

    Kirtan with Naad Maala occurs monthly at our location.

    **Location Note**

    Just a quick note to let our community know that we have not opened up another studio location in the SW.  Any studio opened up in that area with a similar name is not affiliated with Yoga Studio South.  If there are any future location updates, we'll be sure to let all of you know each step of the way!  

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