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    Major workshop: Jawahar Bangera
    Yoga for Heart


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    Upcoming Events
    Intro to Yoga with 
    Lynne Swenson

    Is the idea of being in a yoga class intimidating? If you are looking for a more gradual, in-depth introduction to Yoga with similar newcomers, then our Intro to Yoga workshop may be just what you need. This two-hour, registered event is perfect for people new to the practice of yoga. Topics include basic alignment, the use of props and why Yoga is ideally suited to people of all ages and abilities. After taking this workshop you will be confident to take Level 1 classes. This workshop runs monthly. 

    Sat Feb 27
    1 - 3pm

    Crossing the Menopausal Bridge:  with Vandana Vora

    Yoga's unique benefits during the Menopausal years.
    For women at midlife and beyond, yoga offers a primary form of menopause medicine that can help you adjust to hormonal changes and cope with wide range of symptoms - including hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and fatigue - without negative side effects.
    This workshop includes:
    - Gentle Yoga and Restorative Yoga Practice.
    - Pranayama ( breathing practice) specific to Menopause.
    - Guided Relaxation for Menopause.
    - Along with some suggested Mudras.

    Sat March 5
    2 - 5pm

    Aum (OM) an experiential workshop with Pandit Dabral

    In this workshop we will explore the meaning & vibration of OM..
    AUM (OM) is the eternal sound; the most basic or primordial sound vibration of the universe.
    It represents many different aspects & has many different meanings. It is in the Mandukya Upanishad where we are given the meaning of OM.
    When we chant OM, the vibration creates an energy field within us. The experience of this is unique for each individual.
    Panditji will take us through different techniques and practices of chanting OM so that we may gain an experience of this very powerful sound vibration.
    Sat March 12
    1:30 - 4:30pm
    Featured Classes
    Gentle Yoga with
    Supta Padangustasana

     A gentle class to prepare you for Level 1 classes. Similar to restorative but with standing asana.

    So, you say you're not flexible? Join the club. Many factors can contribute to a less-than-bendy body, from genetics, lifestyle to the weather outside.  But that doesn't mean you should rule out yoga, the Yoga practice will help you feel calmer, sleep better, and yes, get more flexible.

    Sun 11:15 - 12:45pm

    New Friday Evening Class
    with Colette Fitzpatrick

    Get Ready for the Weekend

    'Release the stress and tensions of the week. Prepare your body and muscles for your weekend activity. Colette is Certified Iyengar teacher, who is passionate about sharing the wisdom of Iyengar Yoga.  She has studied with many Senior teachers.

    Friday 6:00pm

    We recommend . . . .
    Dr Owen Schwartz:
    Precision Alignment & Brake:

    The English Osteopaths at:

    Thai Yoga Massage with Annette at:

    Bookkeeping with Nathalie at:
    Issue: #84
    Feb 2016

     Dear Student, 
    "Fear and Fatigue block the mind. Confront both, and courage and confidence will flow into you" - B.K.S. Iyengar

    Namaste Yogis.  

    We wish you all a happy heart & healthy heart in February.  As we celebrate the month of love by learning more about keeping your heart healthy. With awareness and small behavioral changes we can prevent heart issues to a large  extent.  

    When two people sit down to talk seriously, it is called having a "heart to heart." Research of the last 20 years indicates that this is actually very close to the truth and that emotional communication occurs at the level of quantum physics.

    Studies performed at the HeartMath Instituteshow that each human heart emits an electromagnetic field, the largest generated by any part of the human body, which extends up to several feet away from the body in a 360-degree radius. An individual's heart communicates with the hearts of others in its immediate vicinity through the emotional information encoded in its electromagnetic field and throughout the world via the electromagnetic pulses associated with each heartbeat which travel at the speed of sound.
    One's heart also communicates with one's brain (via the nervous system, hormones, pulse waves, and electromagnetic fields) and with the brains of other individuals (via pulse waves and electromagnetic fields), according to McCraty, Tiller, & Atkinson (1996). The brain emits its own electromagnetic field and waves of energy (known as alpha, beta, delta, gamma, and theta waves, each of which results from different states in brain functioning). The heart's electrical field, however, is almost 60 times greater in amplitude than that of the brain and is more than 5000 times greater in strength than the brain's electrical field (McCraty, Tiller, & Atkinson, 1996). The heart also sends more information to the brain than the brain sends to the heart.

    Here are 5 quick tips for heart health:

    1. Become informed about your risks, ignorance is the biggest challenge.  Mr Iyengar tells us that good health has to earned by constant vigilance and hard work, he was a great example of this motto.

    2.  Reduce stress - by making small changes at home, work to create a positive vibe.  Avoid too much TV and reduce your exposure to the negative people.

    3.  Learn more about food.  Your kitchen is a nature's pharmacy.  Eating right is a powerful way to prevent lots of health issues.It doesn't have to be boring- Raw chocolates are a yummy way to support your heart.

    4.   Maintain a healthy blood pressure.  Know your blood pressure and keep it within healthy range.

    5.  Regular exercise, quiet time, Yoga, Walking, Time with friends, laughter and gratitude are great antidote to heart issues.

    Ruth & Vic

    "The happiness of one's own heart alone cannot satisfy the soul; one must try to include, as necessary to one's happiness, the happiness of others."    Parmahansa Yogananda
    Major Workshop with Jawahar Bangera
     March 18, 19 & 20
    Jawahar Bangera

    Going to the source - in yoga journey

    His visit will be a great opportunity for all of us to experience Guruji B.K.S Iyengar's teachings directly from one of Guruji's most senior teachers. He has accompanied Guruji on countless teaching tours around the world. 
    His instructions are clear, firm and insightful. You will enjoy his amazing ability to weave Yoga philosophy into Asana practice naturally and effortlessly. 
    He comes across as a confident, warm and powerful teacher who has a great gift to gently guide us beyond our perceived limitations.
    He has been regularly invited to the UK, US, Europe, Mexico and UAE to conduct workshops for both teachers and students. Jawahar teaches classes in Mumbai where he is a director of the Iyengar Yoga Institute and is also a trustee of the Light on Yoga Research Trust (LOY).    
    Pre-qualification: At least one year of Iyengar Yoga practice.

    :      6:00-9:00pm     Saturday: 1:00-5:00pm
    Sunday: 9 - 12pm  &  1 - 4pm 

    Restorative Yoga for Heart 
    with Vandana Vora
    Feb 27  2 - 4:30pm

    Relax your body
    Rest your mind , Restore your heart, Replenish your energy
    Join Vandana Vora for a rejuvenating practice of Restorative Yoga for Heart health.
    This workshop moves you thru deep nuturing and fully supported poses, releasing stress
    from the body and mind, by doing this you will restore your natural energy. Deepen your breath
    relax your heart , reduce stress hormons, lower heart rate, blood pressure, anxiety and relax
    your muscles. Give yourself this Gift !

    Sat Feb 27
    2pm - 4:30pm
    Benefits of Yoga on Heart Health
    Most of us intuitively know the benefits of Yoga, but its nice to see studies that  back your intuition.
    Yoga classes may soon be recommended as a therapy treatment for patients with risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Researchers from Erasmus University Medical Center in the Netherlands collaborated with America's Harvard School of Public Health to study the extent of yoga's heart health benefits and published their findings in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology.
    The study's lead researcher Myriam Hunink said they were surprised to see just how beneficial yoga was on cardiovascular health, and they can't really explain why. "Also unclear, are the dose-response relationship and the relative costs and benefits of yoga when compared to exercise or medication. However, these results indicate that yoga is potentially very useful and in my view worth pursuing as a risk improvement practice," she said in press release.
    Hunink and her team of investigators studied 2,768 subjects from the Netherlands and the U.S., and compared how well it lowered risk factors for cardiovascular health from other physical activities such as biking or brisk walking.
    "This finding is significant," the study's authors wrote "as individuals who cannot or prefer not to perform traditional aerobic exercise might still achieve similar benefits in [cardiovascular] risk reduction."
    Yoga weaves physical, mental, and spiritual elements together to deliver a meditative workout. In the past, research has shown yoga to decrease risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease, such as bad cholesterol, blood pressure, and a high body mass index (overweight or obese). This time researchers wanted to see how patients with existing heart disease who have incorporated no other exercises into their life could benefit from yoga.

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