• Osteoporosis Success Story

    We received the following email, (that we very much wanted to share...), from one of our students and their ongoing battle with osteoporosis.
    Thank you so much Patricia ! Your Good News made our day !

    Dear Ruth, Vic, Sherry, Lynn, Tracey, Sandi and all the wonderful Iyengar teachers at Yoga Studio South.

    Thank you so much for your part in my story.

    Fourteen months ago I was diagnosed with osteoporosis of the spine following a routine bone scan. With a score of minus 2.9 I was in the "severe risk" for fracture of the spine if I was to fall or become involved in an accident. An alarming thought.

    In addition to my physicians I discussed my condition with Vic and Ruth at Yoga Studio South.
    The result was I would take the drug "Fosamax" for one year and increase my yoga practice emphasizing certain postures.
    I would increase my dietary calcium intake.
    Ruth, and Lynn, also recommended the book:
    "Yoga and Osteoporosis: The Complete Guide"
    Loren M.Fishman MD and Ellen Saltenall 2010.

    My physicians felt that the best possible outcome would be "no further deterioration in the spine."
    Even with this outcome I would be looking at taking Fosamax for 5 years.

    Fourteen months later I had a follow up bone scan.
    I had taken Fosamax for only 9 months. I am a failure when it comes to medication it seems.
    I maintained my yoga "prescription" throughout the fourteen months. The yoga was so much more enjoyable, interesting and challenging.

    The results in my recent bone scan showed an improvement.
    I am now in the "moderate risk" of fracture category.
    My physicians were delighted. I was really pleased.
    I will always have osteoporosis. I will have to continue to work very hard to improve my bone density, however I can look forward to a medication free future where Iyengar yoga and a calcium rich diet are my prescription.

    My personal results support the research being done by Loren M. Fishman MD of the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons.
    His study "Yoga for Osteoporosis: A pilot study" published in the journal "Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation" July/September 2009, and the basis for his book co-authored with Ellen Saltenall.
    The first study is available to read online (by clicking the link found above). It includes ten postures to focus on in one's daily practice.

    Dr. Fishman is continuing his studies on yoga for osteoporosis. In his studies Dr. Fishman uses Iyengar yoga and his findings support Iyengar yoga as an effective way to build bone mineral density.

    I encourage everyone to make yoga part of their daily lives it has so many health benefits as well as being a joyful daily challenge.

    with sincere gratitude
    Patricia Harvie

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