Workshops this WEEKEND!

Two amazing workshops this weekend:

~ PRANAYAMA (first of four) with Margot Kitchen - Sat. June 6 2-5pm
B.K.S. Iyengar says Pranayama is the extension and expansion of all our vital energy, not just the breath. "Prana is special because it carries awareness. It is the vehicle of consciousness."
The study of Pranayama is the gateway to a deeper understanding of ourselves and our inward journey.
This course is a series of 4, 3-hour classes. Please register for all four as we will progress from the fundamentals to more advanced pranayama. The only stand alone class will be the first one, unless you’re well versed in the practice of Pranayama and have been to India or studied with someone who has been to India.

~ INTRO TO YOGA with Lynne Swenson - Sun. June 7 1-3pm
New to Yoga? Feeling a bit intimidated? Join similar newcomers for this 2 hour workshop to get a better understanding of what Yoga is while learning some techniques to get you ready to start your Yoga journey. Theory and movement will be introduced. Handouts provided. BONUS: Get 50% off of a 10 times pass after the workshop (only on that day for new students)!

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