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    Upcoming Mini-workshops  

    3 part workshop series
     with Samantha Lloyd
    The practice of controlling the breath, lies at the heart of yoga. It has a mysterious power to soothe and revitalize a tired body, a flagging spirit, or a wild mind. 
    The ancient sages taught that prana, the vital force circulating through us, can be cultivated and channeled through a variety of breathing exercises. In the process, the mind is calmed, rejuvenated, and uplifted. 
    Pranayama serves as an important bridge between the outward, active practices of yoga-like asana-and the internal, surrendering practices that lead us into deeper states of meditation.

    Session 1: Sat September 6
    · Opening asanas to support laying pranayama
    · Fine tuning your Savasana II
    · Deep awareness of savasana as your 'home
    base' prior to adding technique
    · Introduction to Ujjayi and Viloma techniques
    · Introduction to sitting with Ujjayi and Viloma

    Session 2: Sat Octber 4
    · Opening asanas to support prone and seated
    · Fine tuning your sitting pose
    · Introduction to Digital "Tadasana"
    · Introduction to Bhramari, Bhastrika
    and Kapalabhati
    · Deep savasana

    Session 3: Sat Nov 8
    · Q&A for those from prior sessions
    · Progressive pranayama practice refining
    previous work including digital pranayama
    · Deep savasana

    Sep 6,  Oct 4,  Nov 8 
    1:00 - 4:00pm
    Wellington Sq
    Intro to Yoga
    with Lynne Swenson

    This workshop has been created to introduce a new student to the foundations of Iyengar Yoga. Topics include the importance of alignment and the use of props. Also, this class will address why Yoga is ideally suited to people of all ages and abilities. After taking this workshop you will be confident to begin your Yoga journey.

    Sat Sep 20

    1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

    Wellington Sq.

     Click here for more details











    Issue: #72Aug  2014

    Dear Student, 
    Gurupurnima Celebration in Pune, India
    July 12 was Gurupurnima, a festival honouring all the teachers in ones life, we would like to honour and salute our all our teachers Guruji BKS Iyengar and
    Margot Kitchen for inspiring us on the path of Iyengar Yoga.

    To B.K.S. Iyengar, yoga is "meditation in action". His teaching combines all eight elements in asana practice, which helps us explore and experience the rest. This brings us back into contact with the outside world, awakened by the basic understanding that everything and everyone are interconnected.

    "You have to create love and affection for your body, for what it can do for you," Mr Iyengar says. "Love must be incarnated in the smallest pore of the skin, the smallest cell of the body, to make them intelligent so they can collaborate with all the other ones, in the big republic of the body. This love must radiate from you to others. Practitioners of the asanas alone often forget that yoga is for cultivating the head and the heart." 


    As a world teacher He does not belong to any place, community, nation, or race, but they all belong to him.  He has no passion for a nation, a language, a religion and for any "isms". He interacts with all, with an attitude of love and bestows light to enable people to lift themselves up from their respective states of awareness.


     May his light of Yoga always illumine our path.


    Vic and Ruth 


    Major Workshop with Jaki Nett - Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher 

     Jaki Nett

     We are very excited to welcome Jaki to Yoga Studio South in September!

    Jaki is Senior Iyengar yoga teacher. She is an Iyengar Certification Assessor and is also on the staff of teacher  training program at the Iyengar Institute of San Francisco. 

    She has spent many years in India studying with her mentors Guruji B.K.S. Iyengar and Gita Iyengar. Jaki is a very accomplished teacher. She is very present in her teaching style and accessible in her personality. She melds her knowledge of Yoga, functional anatomy, design and movement into a methodical teaching style. Jaki's workshops are very insightful, focused, energetic and lots of fun.

    She has written articles for the Yoga Journal on female issues, has authored a book ""A Crack in the Mask" on female incontinence and gives workshops on pelvic floor and incontinence in the USA and through out Europe.

    Friday Sep 26 will be a special session covering Pelvic floor strengthening techniques.  

    As Geeta Iyengar said in her forward,"Even the non-yoga practitioner can understand and adopt Jaki's Felt Sense Method and Yoga asanas to become sensitive to "feeling their inner body as well as their outer body."

    Friday is open to all.

    Sat/Sun - Requires at least one year of Iyengar Yoga experience



    Sep 26    Fri:    6pm - 9pm    Gain Awareness of the Pelvic Floor
    Sep 27    Sat:   1pm - 5pm    Major Workshop
    Sun 28   Sun:  1pm - 5pm    Major Workshop


    Contact Yoga Studio South for more information 403 228 5808
    Oakridge location closure in September
     Thank you to all at the Oakridge Community center

    It was a very tough and challenging decision but it was becoming challenging for us to run and support both locations.We are shifting our energy and focus to our central location of Wellington square.  We would like to thank all the students and teachers at our Oakridge location for their support and friendship.  A special thank to Rob Walker and Sherry Norman for excellent job in teaching. Due to Oakridge having a function at the centre our last day of classes will be August 20.


    We invite the students to check our Wellington sq. location on 14th street and 15 Ave Sw. for the classes.


    We wish all our students the very best in this very rewarding Yogic journey towards health and integration.






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