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    Upcoming mini-workshops
    2 New Locations
    Julie will be back in July
    Virya Superfoods


     Check Out Wellington Square and 2 New location's Class Schedules


    Upcoming mini-workshops  

    Intro to Yoga- Workshop
    with Lynne Swenson


    This workshop has been created to introduce a new student to the foundations of Iyengar Yoga. Topics include the importance of alignment and the use of props. Also, this class will address why Yoga is ideally suited to people of all ages and abilities. After taking this workshop you will be confident to begin your Yoga journey.

    Sat May 25

    1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

    Wellington Sq.


     Click here for more details


    Raw Food workshop

    with Patrick Kirkby


    Master Introduction to raw foods, their benefits to your health and happiness, and how you can incorporate more raw foods into your diet.
    Learn how to make a number of delicious, quick and easy raw meals.... Bring your appetite, we will be preparing and tasting a number of yummy dishes!
    Date: Sat May 19
    Time: 1pm - 4pm
    Wellington Square



    Yoga for Cyclists with Colette Fitzpatrick ~ 


    "This workshop will focus on the legs, hips and shoulders. Learn how yoga can complement cycling, to reduce tightness in the muscles, gain flexibility, maintain mobility and range of motion, while working on better alignment. In this two hour Workshop, we will begin to nurture and cultivate the important and life affirming qualities each person possesses - gentle breathing, a wise heart and a peaceful mind.


    Sunday, May 5 1-4pm at JCC


     Proceeds from this workshop will support Colette's participation in the 2013 Ride to Conquer Cancer."  



    Yoga with Ropes with Rob Walker
    Join Rob Walker to explore the many benefits of yoga ropes. Make gravity work for you through the use of traction and suspension. Learn how ropes can intensify and allow deeper access into yoga poses. A workshop for students who have been practicing for at least 1 year.
    Sunday, May 12 1-4pm at Wellington Square 
    We are happy to welcome our friend and an  exciting Iyengar Yoga teacher Isabel, back to the Studio.

    Isabel will be teaching Tuesday 9:30am classes May 7 - onwards

    Journey to Breath
    with Pandit Dabral
    A great opportunity to study with Panditji, he will be teaching the breath work and the Yogic principles of the breath.
    June 8, 1:30-4:30pm
    Wellington Sq

    Issue: #59May 2013

    web page

    Dear Student,
       The Yoga Studio South would like to thank all the Yogis, especially the ones at our JCC location for their support as we transition from our JCC location to Oakridge Community Center and the Woodcreek Community Center.
    We are happy to announce that these locations are very close to the JCC.  We are working on our Summer Sizzler Yoga brochure which will include the new locations as well.
    We are working to keep the things as consistent as possible, with same teachers and the same classes.  In September we will run the full schedule as always.


    Please refer any comments or questions from the students to Vic and Ruth


    Wishing you all the very best in your Yoga journey.



    Vic and Ruth 


    "Penetration of our mind is our goal, but in the beginning to set things in motion, there is no substitute for sweat." BKS Iyengar


    2 New locations:

    Oakridge Community Center
    9504 Oakfield Dr SW  

    Woodcreek Community Center
    1991 Woodview Dr SW 

    We would like to Thank You for your support and patience, while we were looking for our new home.

    We are very excited to announce that we will resume our classes at the new locations in June.  Please check the schedule on the website for more details
    Major Workshop in July
    Julie Gudmestad: Anatomy and Asana
    Julie Gudmestad


    Asana and Anatomy Workshop with Julie Gudmestad


    Back by popular demand after her sell-out workshops in the past few years, Julie has agreed to offer an asana-based workshop in Calgary.Julie's previous Calgary workshops have focused on formal anatomy instruction. This workshop will emphasize core issues for the focus group of postures, followed by deep asana practice to enhance understanding and embodiment of the yoga teachings.

    Julie was anatomy columnist for the Yoga Journal for eight years and now writes for Yoga International.


    For many years Julie has worked to integrate the healing powers of yoga with her Western medical knowledge.


    She has created a unique teaching style and teaches workshops, including \"Anatomy Awareness in Asana\" and \"Yoga for Physical Therapists,\" throughout the U.S., Canada and in Europe. You can also see more of her work in the Yoga Journal online.



    Weekend Workshop:The Yoga Studio South


    May 13 :  Fri   7-9pm

    May 14 :  Sat  1-5pm
    May 15 :  Sun 1-5pm  
    Yoga Studio South presents: Virya Super Foods

    Virya Super Foods is the newest addition the The Yoga Studio South. 

      Virya! - Virya is a Sanskrit word that means, "essence of vitality"


    The Yoga Studio South and Virya SuperFoods are offering a diverse range of Raw Foods to help encourage this very state and to Empower your best, so that you are entering into your yoga practice and life with a healthy body, mind and spirit. 

    Products include: 

    • Super berries rich in antioxidants
    • Vital greens to energize and detoxify
    • Herbal teas to calm the mind
    • Raw chocolates,
    • Medicinal Mushrooms
    • Coconut products and snacks
    Our aim is to provide healthy and positive way of living to all yogis and assist them in life and in self discovery.
    We will be offering many in house recipes and products.
    Here is a great recipe from Ruth Martin.
    Virya Shanti chai : Here is a great recipe for a perfect evening drink to develop calm and peaceful mind.
    • 1     cup Almond milk
    • 1     tsp cacao powder
    • 1/2  tsp vanilla powder
    • 1/4  tsp ginger powder
    • 1/2  tsp raw honey
    • 1/2  tsp Reishi mushroom powder
    • 1     tsp coconut cream ( for creamier & delicious option) 
    Blend all ingredients and warm it up for a great warm relaxing drink, make sure to enjoy every sip. 



    Reishi mushroom is an adaptogen, used for boosting the immune system; viral infections such as the flu (influenza), swine flu, and avian flu; lung conditions including asthma and bronchitis; heart disease and contributing conditions such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol; kidney disease; cancer; and liver disease. It is also used for HIV/AIDS, altitude sickness, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), trouble sleeping (insomnia), stomach ulcers, poisoning, and herpes pain. Other uses include reducing stress and preventing fatigue.


    In combination with other herbs, reishi mushroom is used to treat prostate cancer.


    How does it work?

    Reishi mushroom contains chemicals that seem to have a variety of potentially beneficial effects, including activity against tumors (cancer) and beneficial effects on the immune system.


    For more information about the Virya Superfoods visit or call The Yoga Studio South.   



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