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    Upcoming mini-workshops  

    Flirting with freedom
    Flirting with Freedom Yoga with Tracy Scott
                Take what you've learned from all your yoga practices; alignment, precision, discipline and breath and learn how to explore all that you think you know and DARE to paint outside the lines. Connect to your innate guidance of what feeeeels right for you! Explore your yoga practice: discover that when you are connected to your source and lines of energy that you will find freedom in body and mind. 


    Sat. Dec 9, 1pm - 4pm

    Wellington Square



     Click here for more details

    New Registered Classes in January
    plus size
    Beginner Iyengar Yoga for Plus size people
    Dr. Jo Ann Tefler

    This registered class is ideal for those beginning their yoga journey and who live in a plus size body.

    Postures are explored in a slower manner to discover the importance of proper alignment and to allow time for a deeper understanding of the practice. Additional aspects of yoga, such as breath awareness will also be introduced. While weight issues will not be a focus of the class, questions and discussion about yoga and weight management are encouraged.

    Dr. Jo Ann Telfer is a registered psychologist who specializes in Bariatric Psychology. In this class she merges her deep understanding of the complexities of obesity, weight management with the gifts of yoga.


    Registered Class
    Starts on January 14

    Monday 4:30 - 5:45 pm with Dr. Jo Ann Tefler

    Wellington Square


    Hips & Shoulders
    Hips and Shoulders with
    Wendy Wilson

    This beginner class combines therapeutic yoga with gentle yoga to help the student move within their range in order to find more function and mobility in their joints, more balance and ease in their body.
    Registered Class
    Jan 14 Mon 5:00 - 6:15 pm @ JCC

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    Dear Student,


    Happy Holidays
    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays 



     Yoga Studio South wishes you and your family a very happy holiday season!!!


    Congratulations to all who participated in the 30 Day Challenge ! 


    It was a very heated competition in a very fun way with many contenders vying for the top spot.

    A special congratulations to four winner: Luan, Karen Yee, Shula, and Cathrine. And an honourable mention to Peter Young and Jim David for a very good competition.


    30 day challenge is a powerful way to consistently enjoy the benefits of Yoga and in turn making a positive life change.


     "This practice becomes firmly rooted when it is cultivated skillfully and continuously for a long time." - Yoga Sutra of Patanjali 1:14


    And also a big thank you to all the participants who joined us for the 30 Day Challenge wrap up party.  It was a lot of fun with lots of great food and great people.


    We are grateful to all the feedback we received from you about the party. I am including one here:


    "Thank you for the fabulous party.  There was such a nice feeling of community, and it was fun to try the different dishes of delicious healthy food that everyone brought.  The movie was a great idea.  I didn't know that Mr. Iyengar had overcome so many difficulties growing up."


    "I can't wait for the next party!"


    With gratitude,





    Ruth & Vic


    Yoga does not take time, it gives time. ~Ganga White

    Join us on Jan 1 for Spiritual Day !
    Start your New Year with Yoga
    Join Yoga Studio on January 1 for a very special Spiritual Day with Pandit Dabral. 
    January 1 - All Welcome

    Begin the New Year with a very special day of Gentle Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Nidra and uplifting words of Pandit Dabral.
    Time : 9:00am - 6:00pm                   

    Please feel free to attend the whole day or part of the day. There will be a lunch break in the middle of the day.
    By Donation.
    Wellington Square
    To inquire call 403 228 5808 or drop by in person.



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    Major workshop with Ty Chandler in January 2013
    Ty Chandler second photo
    Ty Chandler


    We are very excited once again to welcome TY to the Yoga Studio South.  She will be joining us on Jan 25, 2013.
    Another chance to work with Ty Chandler, one of Victoria's most sought-after Iyengar Yoga teachers. 
    Known for her strong, precise teaching and her warm, encouraging style, she blends physically demanding asana work with clear verbal instruction, yet allows her students to stay connected to their own experience.

    Ty teaches internationally, in Costa Rica, Hong Kong and Singapore and in her home city of Victoria.

    Suggested experience: One year of Iyengar Yoga and the ability to hold headstand and shoulderstand for three minutes.

    "She gives such amazing instruction. She has my complete respect as a fantastic teacher of yoga" - Lynne W, a Victoria student of Ty.

    This is a Full weekend workshop: 

    Fri :   7:30 - 9:30pm
    Sat :  1:00 - 5:00pm
    Sun : 1:00 - 5:00pm

    Call 403 228 5808 to register.

    Venue: Yoga Studio South Wellington Sq.

    Inspiring story of Nivedita Joshi...

    Iyengar yoga gave her a new lease on life.


    Nivedita Joshi, daughter of India's high profile politician then Human Resource Development minister Murli Manohar Joshi, was incapacitated for almost a decade because of slip disc. After a miraculous recovery under the living legend of yoga, B.K.S. Iyengar's care, she has resumed not only her normal life, but also is so inspired that she is setting up an Iyengar yoga center in Delhi


    One day at the young age of 15, Nivedita Joshi's life came to a standstill-literally. Living in Allahabad, India, at the time, she was a brilliant student and a budding dancer. Unfortunately she had a weak muscular structure. This fateful day, as she was practicing a Kathak movement, she bent down and suffered a slipped disc (the cartilaginous disc between vertebrae that when displaced, pinches the spinal nerve causing low back or sciatic pain). The MRI test revealed that two major vertebrae were badly affected.


    Then followed long periods when she was completely bedridden and perpetually in pain. She somehow managed to study on and complete her masters in microbiology. Meanwhile, she continued to run from one doctor to another, one specialist to another. Cure or even partial relief continued to elude her. Her high-profile father's  connections couldn't help either. She tried physiotherapy, even yoga, which were not of much help.


    Then, in 1997 at the age of 27, on the insistence of one of the students of B.K.S. Iyengar, she went to seek help from the world-renowned yoga guru based in Pune. She stayed there for six months and the recovery started. She went back again for long stretches of time to continue her healing and learning journey. Result: a few months ago, her MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) report said her spinal problem was gone.


    Today, she is active and free of pain, except when she overstrains or misses her daily yoga. But she says she makes it a point to never miss her practice. She is also quick to point out that yoga is not a painkiller, it is a way of life-it takes time to restore health and harmony, but you have to keep at it. What is most important to her is that after starting with Iyengar, "in 12 days I gained back the confidence I had lost over 12 years". 


    At the ripe old age of 94, Mr. Iyengar himself is the best testimony for his style. He is as fit and supple and active as ever-the result of 70 years of yoga sadhana (practice).


    To partially pay her debt of gratitude to Mr. Iyengar, Nivedita is starting an Iyengar yoga institute in Delhi.



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