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    Upcoming mini-workshops
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     Check Out Wellington Square and Calgary JCC Class Schedules


    Upcoming mini-workshops  

    Yoga for Immunity
    Enhancing your Immune system with Trish Robbins
              Want to boost your internal security system to protect against harmful invaders? Yoga: -helps lower stress hormones that compromise immunity. -conditions the lungs and respiratory tract and stimulates the lymphatic system to rid the body of toxins. -brings oxygenated blood to the organs to ensure optimal function. Attend this workshop to learn poses and breath techniques to pump your immune system.Handout provided. 


    Sat. Nov 17, 1pm - 4pm




     Click here for more details


    Mindful Meditation with Barbara Boettcher at JCC


    Due to popular demand this workshop will now be on every first Sunday of the month.

    Meditation is scientifically proven to quiet and retrain the mind. In this workshop Barbara will lead you through the basic steps needed to establish and develop your meditation practice. Experience the transformation this ancient practice brings.
    For more information, please call one of our studios.  

    Sun Nov 4, 2:30 - 4:30pm






    The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali with Pandit Dabral


    Deepen your understanding of yoga philosophy and learn how these sacred teachings are applicable to your everyday life.
    For more information, please call 403 228 5808
    Sat Nov 17 , 1pm - 4pm Wellington Square

    New Classes
    Introduction to the Iyengar Yoga

    This registered class is an  ideal building block for all beginners to start their Yoga journey. 

    Iyengar yoga helps develop optimal body alignment while building strength and flexibility. With continued study, practitioners can discover a sense of inner peace and relaxation.


    Registered Classes

    Monday 5:45 - 7:15 pm

    at Wellington Square with Barb Lee


    Sunday 9:15 - 10:45 am at JCC with Sandy Martino


    Beginners Functional Mobility with
    Wendy Wilson

    This beginner class combines therapeutic yoga with gentle yoga to help the student move within their range in order to find more function and mobility in their joints, more balance and ease in their body, and lessen pain and stress. The yoga poses are taught with the individual in mind understanding that not everyone moves the same. The effect of combining the two types of yoga is a reduction of pain and tension, improved range of motion, strength and stability and an enhanced sense of well being.
    Mon 5:30 - 6:45 pm
     Nov 5 - Dec 17 @ JCC

    Issue: #52Nov 2012

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    Dear Student,


    Happy Halloween Yogis



        Every one at the Yoga Studio South is feeling energized after an amazing weekend with Jawahar Bangera.  We are very appreciative of our teacher Margot Kitchen for making this possible.  The workshop was very much appreciated by both students and teachers of the Iyengar Yoga.  It was a pleasure to see how a Master Teacher bring out deep philosophical principles from the Yoga Sutras and apply them to the Asanas and inspires our practice.


    We are very happy to have two very special registered classes that help the beginners in build a solid foundation and clear understanding of the Yoga poses.  These classes are taught by very skilled and experienced  teachers Sandy Martino and Barb Lee.


    We are offering 10% discount on all registered classes 

     for anyone who signs up before November 1, 2012.


     Yoga does not take time, it gives time. ~Ganga White




    Ruth & Vic


    30 Day Yoga Challenge: Nov 1 - Nov 30

    Energize Your Life with a 30 Day Yoga Challenge 
    Nov 1 - Nov 30

    Reminder: The 30 Day Yoga Challenge is starting next week, please sign up soon to track your progress and enter your name in the draw.
    30 Day mission is to create positive changes in our life at all levels.

    Everyone who finishes the 30 day challenge will be intrinsically rewarded but a few  will receive some additional gifts: 
    1 Month Unlimited Yoga pass
    1 session of the Thai massage
    $50 gift certificate from Moti Mahal
    And a surprise gift from the Health Flow
    To register call 403 228 5808 or drop by in person.



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    Major workshop with Ty Chandler in January 2013
    Ty Chandler second photo
    Ty Chandler


    TY, one of Victoria BC's most sought- after Teacher will be joining us on Jan 25, 2013.
    More details in the next issue...


    Call 403 228 5808 to register.

    Venue: Yoga Studio Wellington Sq.

    More November Workshops...

    Yin Yoga with Music for the Soul with Deborrah Olson
    and Eily Sweeney

    Join Deborah and Eily for this special afternoon class weaving Yoga and Music together. Yin Yoga is a quiet, meditative practice that focuses on lengthening the connective tissues in the body and helping balance themeridians or energy channels. The longholds promote and facilitate greater flexibility and a deeperself-awareness. Eily will contribute the soothing vibrations of Harp, Crystal Bowls, Ambient Instruments and her voice to this special Yin Class.

    Sat  Nov 10, 2012 02:00 - 05:00 PM  Wellington Square

    Introduction to Iyengar Yoga with Lynne Swenson
    lynne swenson
    Lynne Swenson

          Is the idea of being in a yoga class intimidating? If you are looking for a more gradual, in-depth introduction to Yoga with similar newcomers, then our Intro to Yoga workshop may be just what you need. This two-hour, registered event is perfect for people new to the practice of yoga. 


    Topics include basic alignment, the use of props and why Yoga is ideally suited to people of all ages and abilities. After taking this workshop you will be confident to take Level 1 classes. 


    This workshop runs monthly at one of The Yoga Studio South locations. 

    The bonus is that if you sign up for a 10 times pass at the end of the workshop you will get 50 per cent off - but only on that day. 


    Sat Nov 24 1 - 3 pm at Wellington Sq.




    Yoga with Ropes with Rob Walker
    Bhrardvajasana  group shot on the ropes
     Join Rob Walker to explore the many benefits of yoga ropes. Make gravity work for you through the use of traction and suspension. Learn how ropes can intensify and allow deeper access into yoga poses. A workshop for students who have been practicing for at least 1 year.
    Sun  Nov 25, 2012 From: 01:00 - 04:00 pm , Wellington Sq.






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