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    Upcoming mini-workshops
    Two Major Upcoming Workshops
    Anti Aging Yoga


     Check Out Wellington Square and Calgary JCC Class Schedules



    Upcoming mini-workshops  

    Tyla Golf
    Yoga for Golf
    Yoga for Golf with Tyla Arnason

    Get More Speed, More Power, Greater Distance and Consistencey!


    Please Join Tyla Arnason along with CPGA Golf Professional Dave Henzie


    For a workshop that will focus on the biomechanics of the golf swing necessary for an effcient swing and teach you how yoga can dramatically improve the range of motion that is needed to facilitate that movement pattern. 


    Through different assessment screens, we'll pinpoint physical limitation factors that impact performance and impair potential. Learn to improve mobility, stability, strength and balance. At the same time, understand how to reduce recovery time as well as risk of injury. Learn to feel better, on and off the course!


    Please bring a 6 iron golf club, notebook, and pen


    Sun June 3 

    1:00 PM - 4:30 PM

    Calgary JCC


     Click here for more details



    Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

    with Pandit Dabral


    Join Pandit Dabral  to deepen your understanding of yoga philosophy and learn how these sacred teachings are applicable to your everyday life.
    Sat June 2 
    1:30pm - 4:30pm Wellington Square


    Family Yoga 


    Family Yoga Workshop


    Johanna Steinfeld


    Increase family connection and learn vital life skills while having fun.  

    In addition Yoga will also improve the flexibility and strength of both body & mind.


    $25 per Family
    June 16 
    1:00 pm - 1:45 pm 
    Issue: #47June 2012

    web page

    Dear Student;,


    Summer has finally arrived in beautiful Calgary, bringing along many gifts of warm sunny days, hikes to the mountains and Summer Sizzler-Unlimited Yoga, a very special gift from The Yoga Studio South.  

    As the heat from the sun energizes everyone into planning various activities - the gift of Yoga can make all those pursuits even more fun and accessible.  

    Our Summer Sizzler program will run from June 18 to Sep 3.


    If you are planning summer vacations, how about taking some pictures in Yoga poses and sharing them with your fellow Yogis.


    Photo contest-- Submit your pictures in a Yoga pose and share your yoga memories, all entries are winners : ) but we will pick one for a special gift.


    Vic & Ruth

    Major Upcoming Workshop

    Energize Your Yoga Practice with returning Iyengar Yoga Teacher Ty Chandler
    June 8-10

    Join Ty for a fabulous weekend workshop of Asana and Pranayama. Back for her second year in Calgary!
    Another chance to work with one of Victoria's most sought-after Iyengar Yoga teachers. Known for her strong, precise teaching and her warm, encouraging style, Ty blends physically demanding asana work with clear verbal instruction, and yet allows her students to stay connected to their own experience.
    Ty Chandler second photo
    Ty Chandler

    Click here to see the poster. Registration is not available online. To register call 403 228 5808 or drop by in person.




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    Jawahar Bangera: World renowned Senior Yoga Teacher -- coming to Calgary in October
    Jawahar Bangera
    Jawahar Bangera


    Amazing opportunity to study with a Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher

    His visit will be a great opportunity for all of us to experience Guruji B.K.S Iyengar's teachings directly from one of Guruji's most senior teachers. 

    His instructions are clear, firm and insightful. He comes across as a confident, warm and powerful teacher who has a great gift to gently guide us beyond our perceived limitations.


    We are grateful to Margot Kitchen for making this spectacular event possible in Calgary. 


    Yoga has upped the odds that I'll age as a fit... 

     Anti-aging benefits of Yoga
    Anit Aging yoga


    Yoga as an anti-aging technique is garnering more interest. The benefits of yoga are numerous. A regular yoga practice tones and stretches the muscles, nourishes the body with oxygen through deep breathing and serves as a form of meditation  


    Here is what Dr. Cynthia Bailey MD discovered about Yoga.


    "The impact of adding Yoga to my life is a marvel. I spent last Friday and Saturday at a yoga-intensive workshop and I'm again astounded by what a completely transformative experience a yoga practice can be....


    I highly recommend 3 days a week of yoga for healthy aging."


    "I've only practiced yoga for 2 years and the anti aging impact is so profound that I know I've altered the course of my aging journey.  My musculoskeletal problems were taking away more and more of my functionality. From what I have experienced, yoga has upped the odds that I'll age as a fit, functional, vital woman. I won't join the ranks of the frail elderly without a fight and yoga is one of the powerful puzzle pieces I've found to help me."


    "Scientific study supports my observation of yoga's benefits on my body and mind and has shown that yoga:


    Reduces low back pain

    Improves balance

    Straightens spinal kyphosis (the excessive hunching over that happens to people as they age)

    Improves muscle strength and reverses the muscle loss that happens with age

    Improves rheumatoid arthritis symptoms

    Improves menopausal symptoms including hot flashes, insomnia and mood swings

    Decreases anxiety and depression

    Improves control of type 2 diabetes

    Increases flexibility"

    We recommend . . . .
    Practice of Upper Cervical Chiropractic at:
     Full Motion Health at:
    The English Osteopaths at:
    The Centre for Soft Tissue Pain at:
    and bookkeeping with Nathalie at:
    for all your bookkeeping needs.

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