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     Check Out Wellington Square and Calgary JCC Class Schedules

    New Additional Classes
    Ruth Martin
    Ruth Martin
    New classes at Wellington Square, with Ruth Martin

    1. Noon Hour Iyengar Flow, Mon & Wed, 12:10-12:55pm
    2. Pilates - beginner level, Thurs 5:45-6:45pmpm

    New classes at the JCC

    1. Yoga for 55+, a registered class with Vic Mehta
    Wed 3:30-4:45pm, started April 4th,
    2. A Yoga Class for Women only with Melanie Batycky
    Registered class, Sun 6:30-7:45pm, starting April 15

    Speak to the office staff for details and to register

    Mon, 6:25pm is now taught by Ruth Martin
    Fri, 9:30am (all level) is now taught by Vic Metha

    Vic Mehta
    Issue: #45April 2012

    lady in white halasana



    It is time to say goodbye as owner of Yoga Studio South. . .  


    Sadly, this is my 45th and last newsletter. My 11 enjoyable years of running The Yoga Studio South has come to an end and I have handed over the reins of ownership of the two studios to
    Ruth and vic
    Ruth Martin and Vic Mehta 
    Ruth Martin and Vic Mehta.

    I am delighted that Vic and Ruth came forward to buy the studios because they are good friends of mine and we have practiced yoga and hiked together; even sharing a close encounter with a Grizzly bear last summer on Burstall Pass!
    Ruth and Vic are familiar to some of you already. They are both part of the growing Iyengar community and Vic has been a popular teacher at YSS for some time. I want to reassure you that they are committed to keeping the studios on the Iyengar path, which is very gratifying. You won't see any major changes for the time being - just some extra classes.
    If you love Iyengar Yoga as many of you do, I hope you will continue to give Yoga Studio South every support in its continued success, bringing your friends and relatives to experience the amazing gift of holistic wellness that the genius of BKS Iyengar offers us.
    Yoga is booming and many people are still trying it for the first time. As they become more discriminating they will see the value of Iyengar Yoga and choose it because it is the safe alternative with more highly-trained teachers.
    I personally am not going anywhere. I hope to continue teaching my classes at Yoga Studio South for many years to come but take things a little easier on the admin side!

     Rob for College



    Yoga Studio South

    A welcome from new owners Vic and Ruth

    "We love the atmosphere. . .We will strive to build a stronger yoga community. . . "

    Dear Friends

    We would like to take this opportunity to announce that our friend and mentor Rob Walker will be hanging up his business suit to focus on his passion:  yoga and teaching yoga.  We are glad that he will still be teaching at the studio and guiding us in making the studio a great place for yoga. We will work towards the vision of our teachers and mentors and strive to build a stronger yoga community for everyone's benefit.

    The reason we bought The Yoga Studio South is because we have always loved the atmosphere; the amazing teachers and staff.  I have considered The Yoga Studio South my second home since I started Yoga here.
    We would like to thank all teachers and staff for doing a wonderful job in making The Yoga Studio South a very special place, and also a big thank you to Rob for handing us one of the most beautifully-run studios.  Our goal is to build on what Rob has done all these years and to keep growing with your help.  
    We would like to thank Panditji for a very moving and uplifting ceremony to bless the studio.   Our teacher and mentor Margot Kitchen's unexpected presence made the ceremony even more special and poignant. We would also like to thank all the
    studio blessing
    Pandit Dabral (right) officiating at a blessing of The Yoga Studio South with participants (left to right on the white blanket) Rob, Vic, Ruth and Senior Iyengar Teacher Margot Kitchen
    teachers and the yoga studio staff members for making the blessing ceremony a very special event for all of us.  
    We will continue to work to make The Yoga Studio South a fun place in where teachers love to teach, staff are happy to work and the students have a place where they can leave all their worries behind, enjoying the best studio with the best teachers in the city.
    We are looking forward to meeting and working and growing with all of you.
    Vic and Ruth

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